Myeloid Gene Panel by NGS

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Myeloid Gene Panel by NGS
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Myeloid Gene Panel by NGS

This assay is a multiplexed gene sequencing panel designed to detect mutations associated with hematologic myeloid disorders. Purified genomic DNA is enzymatically sheared and targeted sequences are isolated by hybrid capture probes and sequenced by using an Illumina NGS platform. This assay will not detect variants if present in only a small proportion of cells in the sample. If indicated, additional testing for FLT3-ITD and CEBPA mutations for new evaluation of acute myeloid leukemia should be separately ordered.

This assay is not intended for post-treatment disease monitoring nor comprehensive germline evaluation and is not validated to detect all classes of genomic alterations, such as large structural events including fusions and copy alterations.

Limit of Detection: 3%
Limit of Quantification: 4%
Precision near LOD (CV): 20%
Accuracy: 100% of expected variants

Limit of Detection: 3%
Limit of Quantification: Qualitative Only
Precision near LOD (CV): 20%
Accuracy: 98% of expected insertions/deletions

Hematopathology test request form can be found at Request Form

Forms & Requisitions

Requisition form

ABL1 (exons 01-11), AML, ANKRD26 (exons 01-34), ASXL1 (exons 01-12), BCOR (exons 02-15), BCORL1 (exons 01-12), BRAF (exons 01-18), CBL (exons 01-16), CBLB (exons 01-19), CSF3R (exons 03-17), CXCR4 (exons 01-02), DDX41 (exons 01-17), DNMT3A (exons 02-23), ETNK1 (exons 01-08), ETV6 (exons 01-08), EZH2 (exons 02-20), FBXW7 (exons 02-12), FGFR1 exons (02-18), FLT3 (exons 01-24), GATA1 (exons 01-06), GATA2 (exons 02-06), Hematologic disorders, Hematologic malignancy, HRAS (exons 02-06), IDH1 (exons 03-10), IDH2 (exons 01-11), JAK2 (exons 03-25), KIT (exons 01-21), KMT2A (exons 01-36), KRAS (exons 02-05), Leukemia, MAP2K1 (exons 01-11), MPL exons (01-12), MYD88 (exons 01-05), Next-Generation Sequencing, NF1 (exons 01-57), NGS, NOTCH1 (exons 01-34), NPM1 (exons 01-11), NRAS (exons 02-05), PDGFRA (exons 02-23), PDGFRB (exons 02-23), PHF6 (exons 02-10), PPM1D (exons 01-06), PTEN (exons 01-09), PTPN11 (exons 01-15), RAD21 (exons 02-14), RB1 (exons 01-27), RUNX1 (exons 01-09), SAMD9 (exons 01-03), SAMD9L (exon 05), SETBP1 (exons 02-06), SF3B1 (exons 01-25), SH2B3 (exons 02-08), SMC1A (exons 01-25), SMC3 (exons 01-29), SRSF2 (exons 01-02), STAG2 (exons 02-33), STAT3 (exons 02-24), STAT5B (exons 02-19), TET2 (exons 02-11), TP53 (exons 02-11), U2AF1 (exons 01-08), WT1 (exons 01-10), ZRSR2 (exons 01-11)



Next-Generation Sequencing

Reference Range
See individual components

Ordering & Collection

Specimen Type
Blood, Bone Marrow, Tissue - Fresh, frozen or FFPE/PET (Blocks), Fluids, Slides, Sorted Cells

Blood: 6mL in Lavender Top (EDTA)

Bone Marrow: 1-2mL in Lavender Top (EDTA)

Tissue, Fluids or Sorted cells: Sterile container in RPMI

Formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue (FFPE/PET) block

Slides: 10 unstained

Green Tops (Heparin), while green tops are accepted for testing, there is documentation that heparin can interfere with some PCR assays.

Extracted DNA from CLIA certified laboratory.

Formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue (FFPE/PET)

Tissue from curls cut from FFPE/PET blocks or stained cover-slipped slides

Specimens received beyond stability limit.
Specimens with low volume or inadequate WBC
Decalcified or unacceptable fixatives

Forms & Requisitions

Requisition form

Handling Instructions
  • Deliver samples to Hematopathology as soon as possible.
  • If sample is older than 48 hours, please store at 2-6°C upon receipt and send refrigerated.
  • Samples stored at room temperature or refrigerated older than 7 days will be rejected.
  • Frozen samples should be shipped on dry ice.
requested: Blood: 6mL EDTA/BMA: 1-2mL EDTA/Tissue Blocks: Adequate size to cut 10-20 curls/Slides: 10 unstained
minimum: Blood: 1mL EDTA/ BMA: 0.5mL EDTA/Tissue Blocks: 5 curls/Slides: 5 slides



Send specimens to Hematopathology – Molecular department for processing.
The stability limit for Blood and Bone Marrow is 7 days, samples beyond this limit will be rejected.

Blood and BMA must arrive in lab by 7 am and tissue by 12 pm Friday to be included on Monday run.


LIS Dept Code
Molecular Hematopathology (MHP)
Performing Location(s)
Other Hematopathology, Molecular

UW Hematopathology Laboratory, G7-800
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
825 Eastlake Avenue E.
Seattle, WA 98109

Hematopathology, Molecular hours:
7:00 am - 5:30 pm M-F
8:00 am - 4:30 pm Saturday, closed on Sunday, and with reduced staffing on major holidays

Monday: Results within 12 - 14 days from start of testing. Cases requiring repeat testing, review, or addressing other considerations may have a delay of ~ 12 additional days.
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Billing & Coding

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